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Guns for Non-Warriors Empty Guns for Non-Warriors

Post by dynasty on Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:36 pm

Guns have incredibly bad accuracy and cost a huge amount of EP to maintain, both in searching and reloading them. They're also hard to use to level up.

However, there is a method by which non-warriors can use guns decently. Credit goes to Legion of Liches and Cannonball Crew for sharing this information. Nevertheless, guns are still meant as a supplementary weapon, by this usage. Meaning, your main weapons should still be melees.

At the beginning of the round, people generally discard shotguns and shotgun ammo on the floor of gun shops and police stations since it's horrible to level up with guns. Don't search for shotgun ammo yourself. Instead, pick it up off the floor since that saves you from wasting EP. Your gun accuracy will only ever go up to 40% tops as a non-warrior, so don't bother with guns too much. These are secondary weapons. If you really must search for shotgun ammo, then take care to seed a small box of shotgun shells so you get the larger boxes when you search. Don't forget to consolidate them, either. (You can do this from your inventory screen by clicking on the boxes of ammo and clicking "consolidate" so they take up less room in your inventory.) Consolidating basically means to put all the bullets in one box.

So you've got your ammo, and your shotguns. It takes 1 EP to reload every two shots, regardless of whether or not you've actually hit, so you're going to be reloading even if you miss. Shotguns only hold 2 bullets at a time. Handguns hold 6, but their accuracy is incredibly low, even at lv 2 guns, which is the max you can hit as a civvie. Don't bother with handguns as a civvie. So you keep two shotguns on hand and using the extra EP you have before you finish each cycle, you reload them for the next cycle. By "extra EP", I mean the leftover EP you have when you've finished whatever you're doing and can't do anything worthwhile with the last 1-3 EP you have left. That way you get 4 shots per cycle without wasting a huge amount of EP and resources in maintaining your guns. Any more and you'll be wasting EP reloading.

Handguns start at 15% accuracy.
Shotguns start at 20% accuracy.
Civilians may buy 2 levels of gun accuracy, which adds 20% total to get 40% for shotguns, 35% for handguns.

With 2 shotguns, you get 4 shots a cycle without the EP costs of reloading and searching for ammo. By using only spare EP and picking ammo off the floor, you avoid the huge EP sink it takes to maintain guns otherwise. Of course, you'll still be depending on RNG to favor you, with 40% accuracy. Generally, with the low starting accuracy and the amount of EP you need to invest, guns just aren't worth it. This guide only explains how to use guns as a secondary weapon. I still wouldn't recommend guns for non-warriors, or for early round leveling even if you intend to be a warrior.

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