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Post by dynasty on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:22 pm

(Taken from my post on the Q19 forums)

Here's a list of typical frustrations players face. This isn't a definitive guide; it's just a good idea. Hopefully it'll cut down on the whining and complaining.

  • DON'T kill zombies that say "Arrrrh?" or have something along the lines of "inject me" in their profiles. Therefore... Check profiles. Inject if possible.
  • DON'T barricade before you have several standing smart zombies unless it's a major resource building (meaning Power Plants, Internet Service Providers, Laboratories). Check the stats page to see how many standing zombies there are.
  • DON'T barricade zombies inside intentionally.
  • DO dump out the bodies of zombies you kill.
  • DON'T kill steal. Generally, if someone "calls dibs" on a zombie first or hacks at the zombie first, it's theirs. Just arriving first on the square doesn't count, so click fast. If there is a human and a zombie on the square and it looks like the human has been attacking the zombie, say something, wait a minute, then the kill is free to take.
  • DON'T dump pink bodies out of a building, unless you're going to barricade that floor. The exception only applies if the human will have to unbarricade the *stairs* in order to get out.
  • DON'T barricade other humans (or zombies) upstairs.
  • DO keep 1 EP when you're drip-killing a zombie so you can claim your kill if another player moves in. 1 EP means you can still talk.

  • DON'T destroy the fusebox or ruin a building if there are other zombies hiding in there with you and the district is nearly all in perfect condition. You will bring the humans to that one ruined/unlit building on the map.
  • If a human's profile says "infect me", BITE them, don't claw. In fact, if you know it's a person who wants to be a zombie, always bite them.
  • DON'T close the doors on a non-smart zombie if possible. This is to prevent locking them inside.
  • DO let out feeding groans if there are humans you can't kill yourself. It's good to help other zombies find humans.
  • DON'T overuse the grunts. You're just making it obvious you're typically a career human player who never used grunts before. Meaning "hurr hurr hurr", "blarghf!", "arrrrrh?", and all the grunts should not be used in rapid succession all within half a minute.

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