Getting an Inject / What if You're Zombified?

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Getting an Inject / What if You're Zombified? Empty Getting an Inject / What if You're Zombified?

Post by dynasty on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:17 pm

There are a couple of things to remember about the zombification mechanic on Quarantine.
  • Unlike Urban Dead, you are not automatically zombified upon your death.
  • You must be infected by a zombie and then die in order to turn into a zombie. Zombies have a certain percent of infection per attack, meaning that Infection Resistance is very useful since all of these apply per attack. Considering the number of attacks it takes to kill a human, the percentages add up.
  • If you are a career human player and you happen to have enough converted SP (the ratio is 3:1 upon conversion), then you should class as a fast zombie. Do not class as a strong zombie because that means when you stand you will have +10 HP for a minimum of 40 HP.
  • Zombies must be at or below certain HP levels before injections can be successful. That is why it's useful to class as a fast zombie.

    • You have access to buildings, since zombies normally can't get through doors. Opening doors go get into a laboratory is not appreciated, so smart zombie isn't very useful.
    • As a fast zombie, you can lower your own HP to the injectable range by failing your climbs. That's why it's not necessary to buy a level or two of climb as a fast zombie, since that increases your chances of a successful climb.
  • Always stand at minimal HP if you are seeking an inject. Otherwise you waste the EP of the people trying to revive you.
  • Put "Inject me!" or something similar in your profile and don't kill anything as a zombie. Be patient as well. You're likely to get trenched and people don't always inject successfully the first time. Also, people have to find the antidotes to start with before they can even get around to injecting you.

Getting Injected via IRC
Ferals, scroll down for your section.
  • Don't stand up until you know someone's available to inject you. Preferably a scientist who has injector skills, but not that's not necessary. This keeps you from getting trenched.
  • Stand at minimal HP. Keep reporting your HP in chat.
  • Go to your scientist. Knock your HP down by climb fails if you can, but stop once your HP is at 5. You can climb-fail to your death if you try below 5 HP. The point of this is to save your scientist's EP. Be prepared to maybe die and stand again, but if your injector is at 80% then you'll probably be injected without having a fail-inject death.
  • Arrrh if any new people show up since they don't necessarily know you're a friendly.
  • Once you're pinked, stand up using 25 EP so you have full 50 HP to keep your GH (and your natural resistance) as high as possible.

Getting Injected as a Feral
  • Have patience. You're likely to get trenched several times because you'll be standing outside.
  • Have "inject me" in your profile.
  • Stand at minimal HP and go to either a park or a laboratory. I prefer to wait at a laboratory personally, but some people use parks at revive targets. Don't attack anything.
  • Check back to see if you're dead and stand up again. Arrrh if you see anyone.
  • Repeat until pinked and then follow general procedures to stay pink. Come on, after all this trouble you want to avoid getting zombified again, right?
  • Further notes: You can also post on group forums under the Injection Requests section. PR keeps one, for example, although how quickly we get around to you depends. It's still faster to drop by IRC, especially if you have full access.

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