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Post by Verevend on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:50 am

It would help if we could list the commands or list the root command to pull up the bot commands for the IRC chat. I can't remember how to do it any longer.

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IRC Bot Commands . . . Empty Re: IRC Bot Commands . . .

Post by Taylor Swift on Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:48 am

Ummm, yeah...

I can't update the bot help system until after the next round, since I won't have access to the bot's filesystem (Nochenka is hosting it)

!help will get you an (out of date) list of commands
!commandlist will get you the complete list, minus !map

The basic (useful) commands:

!ep [number] tells you how long it will take to gain that much ep
!power [percent] will tell you how many hours your radio battery has left
!vial [colour] will estimate how long your antidote will last for

!greens will list all people in need of an inject
!green [name] adds someone to the list
!pink [name] removes them from the list

!list will list all classed people
!list [filter] will list people who match the filter. Filters can be class names, or people names.
!class [name] [class] will add someone to the class list.

!map from [place] to [place] will plot out a route for you
!map nearest [type] from [place] will find you the nearest building

That's all the really important and useful stuff
Taylor Swift
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