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Brain Sampling / Researching the Cure Empty Brain Sampling / Researching the Cure

Post by dynasty on Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:28 pm

Sampling zombie brains is how humans achieve the win condition. To brain sample, you must be a classed scientist and be carrying a brain sampler.

Important Update!
It's come to our attention that, due to the way computers back up information to the network, it is not as efficient to submit samples while another computer is processing if it's possible to wait until the computer has finished and backed up to the network so other computers can share. The network updates based on the computer with the highest research, not total unique samples in the system. Therefore, if two computers are processing at the same time, both push the cure up at the same time. The shared data doesn't update instantly, so it'll only see that both computers have a new high of __%. It will get a boost, but the result is better if the new lead computer updates the others. The goal is to have computer 1 research > system backup > computer 2 continue research from the new global cure.

If you're submitting, basically check

  1. Is the computer at max research?
  2. Are there alpha (aka top research) computers processing? If so, wait until they're not and your computer has caught up to date. If it is your alpha computer that's processing, by all means go ahead. This computer will be the one pushing the current top cure higher.
  3. Submit samples.
If a non-alpha computer is processing, by all means, submit your samples and get a bonus. If no internet is working or you expect it to be very unsteady, none of this matters as much. Just make sure your computer is close to the global cure.
Note: If two samples from the same zombie are being processed by the same computer, it will drop the 2nd one. This was a mechanic to prevent brain farming from the same zombie.


Cure is counted by a required minimum of points. Each sample submitted adds a certain number of points, and when a computer reaches that number of points then the cure is reached, which is also how we can have over 100% cure at times. At the moment, you need 65500 datapoints (DP), with each sample contributing 64 DP. Even when it is not precisely those numbers, that ratio will be preserved. Technically you only need about 1000 samples, but it never works out that way.

Reasons? It has to do with the way computers process the cure.

Computers update to the global cure, the networks, every 15 minutes, and each computer's goal is to always be at or above the global cure. However, only 1 sample is updated to the global cure every 15 minutes, which means we should have as many computers as possible up at the start of the game so they're all updated so we can have many alpha computers to submit to, computers that are up to date on the global cure. Yes, you may have more than one "alpha" computer. However, as the game progresses, zombies destroy them or network connectivity is interrupted so computers can't update/download from the global research. This lowers the number of up-to-date computers we have available as the game goes on.

Now the other problem with the global cure is that, if a computer is not up to date at the global cure, then the samples it processes will not be updated to the network and it will instead use those samples to catch up to the network. Meaning... your samples will be useless if you don't put them into an alpha computer. If the network goes down while processing, that sample will also be wasted since it won't go to the global cure, and it is incredibly difficult (impossible) to get a computer to 100% by itself. So put samples into alpha computers.

Also keep computers repaired since if they're damaged even once, they won't function. They also won't function if the floor they're on has no power, but you only need to put up a generator to ensure it stays working.

But there's also a bonus to research you ought to keep in mind. If multiple computers are processing samples, then the samples have +16 DP per computer processing instead of just the usual 64 DP.

Also, the cure does lower if an alpha computer is destroyed. So save the alpha computers.


  • Always submit samples into an alpha computer, meaning any computer that is up to date on the global cure.
  • If possible, submit when other computers are processing samples at that moment.
  • Check to make sure the network is up in your district.
  • Hook up as many computers as possible in the early game so we have more up-to-date computers that have been following the global updates.

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