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Infection Mechanics - How You Get Greened Empty Infection Mechanics - How You Get Greened

Post by dynasty on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:12 pm

Infect is capped at a maximum of 80% per bite. That's still really bad, either way. But here's the actual format for the chances of infect. Remember... there is a chance of infect per bite, meaning those bites and claws and attacks really add up.

Splicer wrote:
That's a little out of date. Firstly, at the time infect was 1 to 6 instead of 1 to 10 like it is now.

This was changed as follows: An infect level 0 Zombie has infect at 1% for biting, Infect level 1 brings that to 2%, 2 gets you 4%, 3 gets you 6% etc etc. Claw had and still has halved infect rate (so 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Meanwhile, the last two levels of Infect were moved to be Smart only.

There's also a hardcoded max multiplier of 8 from GH + HP (i.e. GH + HP is asumed to be 15 if it is lower), to prevent ridiculous infect levels at extremely low GH/HP. So your 1GH + 1HP was actually only an 8* multiplier, not 60*. So the formula is actually:

(infect skill - resist skill*2 (minimum 1))*120%/(HP+GH(minimum 15)) (*0.5 if claw)

Or, in words:
Find your listed infect level, minus 2% for every level of infect resistance, to a minimum of one. Divide 120 by your target's GH + HP, to a maximum of 8. Multiply the two numbers, then halve it if you're using claw.

So the absolute maximum possible infect rate is 80% per bite.
You may view the original link here.

The original post by Alex, which only counts infect 1%-6%, is here.
Alex007 wrote:
New infection mechanism:

Instead of having just an infection % for zombies, making high health a risky thing, the infection system has been revamped. A new stat is kept for human players: the GH (genreal health). Simply put, the GH is how healthy you were recently. When you start the round your HP is at 50 ans your GH too. Every 15 minutes, you lose 1 GH if your HP is below your GH. That means your GH is slowly catching up with your HP. If you get healed, your GH goes up immetidately.

Example: I started the round with 50 HP and 50 GH. I get attacked and fall to 40 HP. After 15 minutes, I'll be at 40 HP / 49 GH. Teh 15 minutes later 40 HP / 48 GH. And so on until I'm ad 40/40 and they it stops going down, unless I lost more HP.

When you get bit or clawed, the infection is calculated this way: Your HP and GH are added, and then used to divide 120 (the max HP+GH a player can have. So it's 120 / (HP+GH). The resulting number is multiplied by the infection rate of the zombie. If the player had 20 HP and 20 GH, that means 120 / 20+20 = 120 / 40 = 3. If the zombie has2% chances of infection (level 1) then he now has 6% (2% x 3).

Infections level have been lowered to compoensate. Instead of 1 to 10% the range is 1 to 6%. 1% is the default (base) and 6% is the max (level 5). Claws still have half the infection rate of bites. Also, like before, every level of resistance negates a level of infection for the zombie, so a level 5 infection against a level 5 resist has just as much chances (1%) as a lvl 1 -vs- lvl 1.

I'm not 100% sure I'm totally clear, so feel free to ask questions.

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