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Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Empty Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide

Post by dynasty on Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:44 am

Here's a guide to make adding flags more uniform in Manitool. A lot of different flags are used for the same type of message, so this is an attempt to clear up confusion, as well as to provide some tips for Manitool users.

1. Make titles short and easy to understand, if possible, so the flag's contents can be understood without clicking it to read the description. Ex: Locked Comp (#12), Closed doors, EHR

2. Door status: closed, secured, loosely, lightly, SR, VSR, HR, EHR. Doors should be a separate flag if possible, so door status can be edited without affecting the reported equip information.

3. Equipment listed as gennie (for generator), comp (computer), radio (radio transmitter). Or you can use G, C, and R.

4. State locked status if equip is locked.

5. Computers should have their IP address listed in the title. Ex: Comp 12
The IP address is used to track alpha computers. Each computer has its IP listed under Computer Status, in the form 192.168.1.###. You only need the ### at the end.

6. Update footlocker with a description of the items inside. Items may go in the discription instead of the title, but you can indicate "Supplies inside" to tell readers to check description.

7. All footlockers and locked items should follow the PR locked code, which is available on the PR forums.

8. Use this general guideline for adding flags. (note: Safehouse & Caution don't actually mean a building is safer or more dangerous... in here we just use them to indicate door status)
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Safehouse Safehouse = closed doors
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Yellowflag Yellow Flag = reinforced doors
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Fixme Fix Me = ruined building, damaged doors, or damaged inherent equipment (routers, control panels, lab equipment)
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Infobrh Info = equipment (computer, gennie, radio transmitter)
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Enemysafehouse Enemy Safehouse = zombie stronghold
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Redflag Red Flag = constant attacks, usually by a fast zed or some persistent zeds
Manitool - Icons and Usage Guide Attack Attack = kill zombie here

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