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Post by dynasty on Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:55 am

Donkeysex--in game--refers to when a large group of humans barricades themselves in the same building as a last resort defense against the zombies. This usually happens during endgame, when the zombies are nearly guaranteed a win. This strategy always fails in the end.

Unlike Urban Dead, Quarantine's barriers are not impenetrable so long as they are intact. The fast zombie class can bypass barriers in order to attack the humans inside. Also, when all the buildings are ruined and there's only a few left, the zombies will concentrate all their attack power against the remaining buildings.

You cannot always have someone online and at the keyboard, refreshing constantly, to fix the doors or to kill all the fast zombies that get inside.

Also, Alex has implemented new ranges for feeding groans. In a building with 4+ humans, the feeding groan's range is 2 blocks, which reaches a 5x5 square. If the zed sounding the groan bought "Improved Groans", the radius extends to 3 blocks or a 7x7 square if there are 7+ humans. With every zed in the district and beyond knowing your location, you will not survive.

Basically, donkeysex is a last ditch strategy that only stalls for time. It always fails in the end. Humans have never once successfully defended a donkeysex building to the end. The building falls with a massive slaughter of all humans inside, and more likely than not, more than a few of them turned green. If you want to live long, stay out of donkeysex buildings. They don't work.

Just ask LOL. :)

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