Classing and Why Not To Class as Warrior

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Classing and Why Not To Class as Warrior Empty Classing and Why Not To Class as Warrior

Post by dynasty on Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:57 am

Part One: Why not to class as a Warrior
Part Two: Basics on Classing

The main reason why people class as a warrior is to kill more. However, if you look at the top 10 lists for each round, generally the top players are not classed as warriors.

    Round 8.5 Top Players
    Medic 110 points - by Steven (controlled by Wirewraith), with 124 kills and 14 deaths
    Engineer 106 points - by russianfool20825 (controlled by russianfool20825), with 125 kills and 19 deaths
    unknown 54 points - by GantZ Legendz (controlled by GantZoR), with 65 kills and 11 deaths

    Round 9 Top Players
    Medic 113 points - by Steven (controlled by Steven), with 115 kills and 2 deaths
    Warrior 94 points - by Ryu Hayabusa (controlled by SushiX), with 96 kills and 2 deaths
    Scientist 77 points - by Cree (controlled by dynasty), with 81 kills and 4 deaths

    Round 10 Top Players
    Scientist 41 points - by Jasmine Glow (controlled by Jassgloe), with 42 kills and 1 deaths
    Warrior 39 points - by nonfinite (controlled by nonfinite), with 46 kills and 7 deaths
    Medic 38 points - by Chu Chu Rocket (controlled by dwchang), with 45 kills and 7 deaths

    Round 11 Top Players
    Engineer 104 points - by Perhaps you should reconsider (controlled by cRUMMYdUMMY), with 106 kills and 2 deaths
    Engineer 75 points - by theYeas (controlled by theyeas), with 77 kills and 2 deaths
    Medic 67 points - by Chu Chu Rocket (controlled by dwchang), with 67 kills and 0 deaths

    Round 12 Top Players (Before the attempt to extend the round)
    Medic 106 points - by Cree (controlled by dynasty), with 111 kills and 5 deaths
    Warrior 90 points - by Raiders (controlled by raideres), with 96 kills and 6 deaths
    Engineer 62 points - by Ezra Shaylar (controlled by ezra shaylar), with 64 kills and 2 deaths

This means you don't need to be a warrior to get high kills. As a matter of fact, you can be a warrior and still lose by a large number of kills to someone who isn't a warrior. And either way, upon joining PR, you've joined a team. Warriors are great, but as a class, they're geared to run solo.

Scientists directly contribute towards human reaching the win condition by sampling dead zombies' brains, and they can inject and create antidotes. Medics are incredibly useful for healing citizens low on HP. Engineers are vital for repairing ruined buildings, which slows the advance of the zombies. Warriors, on the other hand, are very specialized for killing, which doesn't help as much because zombies can always just stand up again. They don't turn into humans no matter how many times you kill them, so all you do is set them back a little.

Basically, sure, you can be a warrior, and we do have great PR members who're classed as warriors, but if you really want to help the humans, think carefully about what you class as. You can kill as much as any Warrior-classed citizen without having the extra Warrior buffs. Survive better, even. You can see kills and deaths up above. So keep this in mind when you class.

-----------------------[More on classing]-----------------------

Part One: Why not to class as a Warrior
Part Two: Basics on Classing

Engineers are the only citizens able to repair ruined buildings. They also have the exclusive ability to heavily barricade doors and stairs, so only an Engineer can barricade a door or stairs to their fullest extent. As a result, Engineers are vital to the game, but the drawback is that repairing takes a lot of EP. It's best to work in pairs, but this can sometimes be difficult. Working in pairs keeps Engineers from being stranded on low EP after repairing a building, when they're most vulnerable because they don't always have enough EP left to repair doors fully. So there's a little risk involved, but Engineers are extremely important. As a class, Engineers lean towards the team side of the spectrum.

Medics can be either solo players or team players. They can heal other players, but they can also heal themselves. Also, once they get the 10 HP heal skill, Paramedic, they can revive at a cheaper EP cost since they just need to revive with 10 EP, then heal themselves 3 times. This is a 19 EP revive compared to the typical 25 EP revive for a full 50 HP. Medics are especially important near the end of a round where zombies are winning, since maintaining a high HP--and a high GH as a result--keeps you more resistant to infection. The lower your HP and GH, the easier you get infected.

Scientists are the only class that contributes directly to the win condition. By sampling zombie brains, they advance the cure research that humans need to win. They can also create antidotes from blood samples, as well as enjoy higher accuracy with injectors--up to 80% compared to the typical 30% other classes have. They can be both team or solo players, but scientists get more samples when they don't have to kill their zeds themselves.

Warriors are obviously for killing. They enjoy higher accuracy with weapons and can deal more damage. They also can have a max of 60 HP, 10 higher than the usual. They lean towards the solo end of the spectrum, and are the only class that can somewhat accurately handle guns. They enjoy up to 70% accuracy for a shotgun, but guns require a lot of EP in searching for ammunition, which helps balance out the damage they deal. Shotguns deal 10 damage at 45% accuracy max (25% for other citizens) and handguns deal 6 damage at 35% accuracy max (15% for other citizens). Sledgehammers deal 5 damage at 55% accuracy for non-Warrior classes; all other weapons at 60% for various damages, but you don't have to search for ammo which is highly EP consuming.

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